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Divest from Apartheid

URGENT: Call for Councils to divest from Israel’s brutal occupation and ongoing genocide.

Find your councillors & send letter

Turn your anger into impact. Tell your council to stop investing in companies that supply the Israeli military, provide technology and equipment for Israel’s infrastructure of military occupation, or are active in illegal Israeli settlements, based on stolen Palestinian land.

Israel can only maintain its apartheid system because of products, equipment and services it receives from arms companies and financial institutions. Here's how you can do something small but important to help cut some of that support.

It'll take you two minutes.

There is still time. The third reading doesn’t mean it has passed into law yet. We have a few months to reverse it, but we must all act NOW.

This type of action counts. Look at the pro Israel keyboard warriors who get thousands of news stories taken down, social media articles censored, and people fired from their jobs.

Across the UK, 85% of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) funds analysed by Palestine Solidarity Campaign invest in companies on the UN Human Rights Office’s blacklist of enterprises active in Israel’s illegal settlements. Together, these LGPS invest over £4.4bn in complicit companies.

We can stop this.

Hackney council Divest Now from Israeli war crimes

We did it before

Thanks to support from people like you, in 2020 we defeated the UK government in the Supreme Court. We challenged and overturned guidelines that discouraged funds from making ethical investments that went against government foreign policy.

It needs to happen now

Michael Gove is sponsoring a bill designed to stop councils and other public authorities conducting boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns against Israel.

The third reading of the “anti BDS boycott bill” has already passed, and the bill is progressing towards becoming law.

The right to boycott

This makes immediate action even more crucial. The window of opportunity to create pressure on UK councils, to divest from companies associated with Israel's human rights violations is closing rapidly. Now is the time to advocate for change before the bill is fully enacted.

This doesn’t only affect Palestinian solidarity, but also the ability to divest from companies harming our planet, and the democratic rights of people in Britain.

Take action to end the UK’s complicity in human rights abuses.